February 21, 2013

Lurrie Bell - Halifax Jazz Festival 2010 Canada Live

Once again we got the blues for you thanks to our friend the rippin frog.

Lurrie Bell - Halifax Jazz Festival 2010 Canada Live (CBC Podcast)

Bell started playing guitar at the age of six, and in his teens he polished his skills playing with the legends of Chicago blues scene including Eddy Clearwater, Big Walter Horton and Eddie Taylor.
Bell in Paris, May, 30, 1980
In the mid 1970s, he went on to join Koko Taylor's Blues Machine and he toured with the band for four years.
He made his recording debut in 1977 appearing on his father's album Heartaches and Pain and also on Eddie C. Campbell's King of the Jungle. It was around that time that he formed The Sons of Blues with musicians including Billy Branch on harmonica.
Three tracks of the band's recordings were featured in the Alligator Records compilation Living Chicago Blues Vol. 3 released in 1978.
In 1989 he released his first solo effort, Everybody Wants To Win, on JSP Records.
Though Bell's career appeared to be headed in the right direction, drawing attention of the blues fans around the world as a young prodigy of the blues, he battled emotional problems and drug abuse for many years, which kept him away from performing on regular basis.
He began a comeback in 1995 with the well-received album Mercurial Son, his first of several from the Delmark label.
A series of albums followed thereafter, and he started to perform more frequently in the Chicago club and blues festival circuits.

Track Listing:
1 I Need You So Bad  Sam Maghett (composer)
2 Everything Is Going To Be Alright  Walter Jacobs (composer)
3 Sweet Home Chicago  Robert Johnson (composer)
4 Let's Talk About Love   Ray Agee (composer)
5 Messin With The Kid   Mel London (composer)

Lurrie Bell - vocals, guitar
Willie Hayes - drums
Melvin Smith - bass
Daryl Coutts - piano, organ


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