December 5, 2012

Guitar Women - In Session at Studio 211 CBC Toronto (2012)

Woman with the blues on Soundaboard, all credits for sharing this one to Gio and the rippin frog.


Suzie Vinnick, Donna Grantis and Christine Bougie are three Toronto women who are known for their songwriting skills and musicianship. As part of CBC Music's celebration of Guitar Month, we thought it would be fun to invite the ladies into the studio to show off their guitar skills.

It turned out to be a fun session for them as well. Not only will you hear the ladies perform their own songs but you can also catch them trading riffs as they collaborated with each other.

Check out some choice blues and jazz guitar with a ladies' touch.

Suzie Vinnick vocals, electric and acoustic guitar
Roger Travassos drums
Steve Zsirai bass
Donna Grantis electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Christine Bougie electric guitar, lap steel

production credits
Cathy Irving Producer
Ron Skinner Recording Engineer

1. 'Walking By Myself' - Suzie Vinnick with Donna Grantis and Christine Bougie
2. 'My Purple Heart' by Donna Grantis
3. 'Rat Dreams'- by Christine Bougie
4. 'Get Some'- by Suzie Vinnick with Donna Grantis and Christine Bougie
5. 'Keep On Keepin' On'- by Donna Grantis
6. 'Hammy's Revenge' by - Christine Bougie
7. 'The Road is My Middle Name'- by Suzie Vinnick with Donna Grantis and Christine Bougie


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