December 10, 2012

East Coast Blues Summit - CBC Studio 1, Halifax

Directly from the Soundaboard blues section by The rippin' Frog:

East Coast Blues Summit: Morgan Davis, Matt Andersen, Garrett Mason, Linda Carvery, Carson Downey, Kim Dunn

Recorded: Mar. 10, 2011

Venue: CBC Studio 1, Halifax, Halifax, NS

The east coast has been a hotbed of blues music for,at least, the past fifty years. Many styles and blues, swing, urban and jump, to name a few, have contributed to what
is now an east coast sound and approach.

CBC in the Maritimes decided the time was right to showcase this wealth of blues and to produce a musical special for radio, television and online. The East Coast Blues Summit
 brings together those influences, styles, and an incredible group of Maritime singers and musicians on one stage performing some of the music that inspired them as well as originals.

Matt Andersen, Morgan Davis, Linda Carvery, Garrett Mason, Theresa Mallenfant and Carson Downey are all award winning artists with deep blues roots and emotional delivery. The band is a special group of players, all being recording artists in their own right.

From the very first notes of rehearsals right through to showtime there was an atmosphere of excitement and joy to be playing together.

Track Listing

01    Chicken Shack
02    Katie Mae
03    Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor
04    CC Rider
05    Before You Accuse Me Take A Look At Yourself
06    If I Could Be With You
07    I Feel So Good Big
08    Sure As You Live
09    VooDoo Woman
10    Remedy
11    Little By Little
12    I Don't Want To Give In
13    I Never Met A Woman (Quite Like You)
14    [band introduction]
15    The More You Lie To Me



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