November 12, 2012

Iron Maiden - The Night Of The Living Dead (1982)

This is one of the top Iron Maiden unofficial releases, it has been spread with a multitude of names and the source is a FM broadcast from a concert at The Palladium in New York on 29 June 1982.
This was a date of the The Beast On The Road Tour, the first in North America with Bruce Dickinson and with natural emphasis on the album The Number Of The Beast.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 - Murders In The Rue Morgue
02 - Wrathchild
03 - Run To The Hills
04 - Children Of The Damned
05 - Number Of The Beast
06 - Prisoner
07 - Hallowed Be Thy Name
08 - Phantom Of The Opera
09 - Iron Maiden
10 - Sanctuary
11 - Drifter



Anonymous said...

I wonder what happened to the chick on the cove? Talked back, huhh...?


Anonymous said...

Brilliant show, Iron Maiden at the top of their game! Not sure if this is the 'thir13en remaster', but that one is superb!

Anonymous said...

simply awesome!!

thank you

Anonymous said...

Superb show and sound quality. Could easily be an official live album.


initially thought this was a horror film soundtrack due to the title but there you go brilliant all the same