June 22, 2012

Dr Feelgood - Paradiso, Amsterdam, 1979

First time here for Dr.Feelgood a so-called pub-rock band, live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam in Holland with two different recordings done from two sets from October 5th, 1979.
The band by this time had Gypie Mayo on lead guitar that also appeared on the previous post, Yardbirds at Leverkusen, Germany.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:  

First Set
01 Intro
02 60 Minutes of Your Love
03 Milk and Alcohol
04 Down At The Doctors
05 Take a Tip
06 Baby Jane
07 She's a Wind Up
08 Riot in Cell Block No. 9
09 Roxette
10 Outro

Second Set
11 Intro
12 Back In The Night
13 Riding On The L&N
14 Shotgun Blues
15 You Upset Me Baby
16 Milk and Alcohol
17 Down At The Doctors
18 Riot in Cell Block No. 9

FLAC pt1

FLAC pt2


Feelgood said...

Always nice to see the recording bubbling up somewhere.

The lineage of the original seed.
Two different recordings and uploads. 1-10 and 11-18

FM Broadcast (Philips 22RH....) -> Reel to Reel Philips N 4512 (maxell UD 35-90 (n) -> CD-R Philips standalone CDR 870 -> CD Wave (tracking) -> FLAC Front End (level 8)

Please note that this comes from a tape that was already more than 20 years old at the time of transferring.
This means that some FM and/or tape anomalies or degeneration may be present.
No equalization or sound manipulation has been done to this recording.

The original recorder and uploader.


Anonymous said...

really good det and great band .Love the good doctor
I m looking for the theatre de l'empire concert in 79 by Dr Feelgood.
thanks for the Yardbirds.

figjam65 said...

Is it me or are the links dead ??

greyrocker said...

Always a great live band. I've never heard a live set with Mayo on guitar before.
Many thanks!!

AtticRock said...

Thanks Feelgood, If I recall correctly got it from dime.

Feelgood said...

The Theatre de L'Empire concert in 79 is stil on DIME. Here is the art work: http://rockrarecollectionfetish.blogspot.nl/2012/05/dr-feelgood-theatre-de-lempire-paris.html

Footage: http://www.ina.fr/art-et-culture/arts-du-spectacle/video/I10251081/dr-feelgood-sur-la-scene-du-theatre-de-l-empire-a-paris.fr.html

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for these good songs

Anonymous said...

Hi AtticRock,

This looks a gem. Please would you be kind enough to re-up the FLAC Links?

Best wishes & sincere thanks for all that you do here.