May 22, 2012

Pink Floyd - Oakland 1977

Anonymous shares on Soundaboard another quality audience recording, it's Pink Floyd from the Animals tour this one. Big thanks to our friend anon :)

Quoting anonymous:

Pink Floyd
May 9th 1977
Alameda Coliseum
Oakland CA, USA

Also Known As:  Oakland Coliseum / In the Flesh / Plays the Animals / Animal Instincts / Mr. Pig
Source:  --> Animal Instincts rev. B <--  (HRV CDR 014)
Audience:  Rating is 8/10, Recorded from the audience by Reinhardt Hollwein

Notes (from many sources):
This two CD set features a complete show from the 1977 Animals tour (aka 'In The Flesh' tour).  It's notable for it's very good performance and the rare encore of  'Careful With That Axe, Eugene' --a song that hadn't been played for a few years at that time, and has never ever been played since then.

It's an audience recording, but of such good quality that this show has been bootlegged many times under many different titles:  'Oakland Coliseum,' 'Animal Instincts,' 'Plays the Animals,' ‘Mr. Pig,’ and 'In The Flesh' are among the most popular and common boots.  I’m including artwork for each of these so you can use what you like – it’s all from the same show.  My original CD copy was “Plays the Animals,” but last year I was given “Animal Instincts rev B,” and its sound is definitely superior (thanks to, which is the source for this particular posting.

A great recording of a great concert.  The band seems to be having a lot of fun (something I assume was rare during the In The Flesh Tour).  Roger and Dave laugh hysterically during the first verse of "Have a Cigar."  Roger Waters shows some real venom in 'Pigs,' and 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond parts VI-IX' features some outstanding jamming which cannot be heard on the original studio recording.  The overall set list is a winner too, including "Eugene" as the final encore.  David Gilmour does seem to get a little annoyed at the crowd before "Us and Them" - he tells the crowd "This one's got a quiet beginning."  “Pigs” is much more powerful (and heavier) than the studio cut, with lots of extended jamming added as well.  There is a cut in “Shine On,” probably due to a tape flip.  There are a couple of loud BOOMS during WYWH, like the microphone was dropped, so be aware of that.  Otherwise, a great, full Animals and Wish You Were Here set, with Dark Side of The Moon encores.

Pigs on the Wing part 1
Pigs on the Wing part 2
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)
Welcome to the Machine
Have A Cigar
Wish You Were Here
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI-IX)
US and Them
Careful With That Axe, Eugene

Files (MP3):
Part 1
Part 2

Files (FLAC):
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Anonymous said...

I thought very highly about your blog but 2 pink floyd posts in a row is too much, way too much. One every century is more then enough....

La Piazza Gancio said...

Thanks so much for posting this. It's brilliant!

Thanks also for the '75 Floyd and the '77 Zep--they make for an incredible trio of boots!

Massa said...

This one is really awesome!! TKS

Anonymous said...

WTF? This stuff is great!

Anonymous said...

Wonderfull, Thanks for more of brilliant show...

Anonymous said...

I went to this show in Fort Worth, TX way back when. I actually have a copy of that actual show but is extremely poor quality. (Probably from some cassette smuggled in!) Am looking forward to hearing this version. Thanks very much for posting this!!!

Anonymous said...

any way to put the mp3 files for the first part of the show back up.file is not there

AtticRock said...

You can get the mp3 for part 1 again.

Anonymous said...

I strenuously object to a couple of things in this subject. At the beginning of "Us and Them" Roger Waters says, "This one's got a quiet beginning" not David Gilmour. The couple of BOOMS at the beginning of "Wish You Were Here" "So,..(BOOM) so you think you can tell" are fireworks according to some accounts I've read.

Marcelo Donati said...


Anonymous said...

Well yeah, it might have been posted four years ago. But never too late to discover a good piece of music !

Thanks for sharing,

Derek from Paris

james mccaig said...

Would someone be able to reupload the 2nd part of the MP3s please? Don't appear to be available any more and i've only just discovered this bootleg. Would love to hear the complete show.

Thanks in advance.

AtticRock said...

You got it now.

Anonymous said...

There are other versions of this from different cities
also. One from Boston is also a very good sounding AUD
Recording.I advise the fans of the sound to listen and compare.There are ones from New York and Houston.And also from overseas as well. What there is Not: NO Soundboards have appeared and none of this tour were FM broadcasted.And its been 40 years.