April 13, 2012

Alice In Chains Triple Play

Received through email three Alice In Chains shows to share, two audience and one soundboard sourced.
All thanks for this go to the uploader (wishes to remain anonymous), below are his comments about the recordings. All files are in FLAC format and have covers and info file inside. Good, eh?


This is an audience recording, with minimal crowd noise. The instruments are clear, and the performance is great. There is a little bit of crackle & pop in some places, but it doesn't detract from the overall enjoyment of the show (except during We Die Young). Until I got this, I had not heard any Live performances of "Nutshell," or the 2 B-A-D-A-S-S songs from The Last Action Hero soundtrack, "What the Hell Have I" and "A Little Bitter". Those songs make this concert a must-have for AIC fans.

Alice In Chains
Alley Kat AK #45 (Liberated)
Castle Hall, Osaka, Japan
Sound Quality: EX-

Source: Original Silver CD--> EAC--> CDR (trade)--> X Lossless Decoder--> FLAC

1. Nutshell
2. Junkhead
3. Godsmack
4. Bleed the Freak
5. Dirt
6. Man in the Box
7. What the Hell Have I
8. Angry Chair
9. Hate to Feel
10. Damn That River
11. Them Bones
12. Sickman
13. Sickman (continued)
14. Would?
15. Rooster
16. A Little Bitter
17. We Die Young
18. Rain When I Die


I bought this in the mid-90s. The disc says it is a promo copy, so I assume it was to stir up interest in the band when they were promoting their first album. I am not sure how common this disc is within the trading circles, or how many copies were made. The only album art for it that I have seen on the web are lower-quality versions of my old scans, which honestly weren't that great to begin with. This disc is a rare gem from the early days with superb sound quality, and the band is in top form.

Alice In Chains
"We Die Young"
Primadonna PD119 (Liberated for your enjoyment)
Soundboard Recording

Source: Original Silver CD--> X Lossless Decoder--> FLAC

1-8 The Stone Pub; Concrete, WA; December 27, 1989
9-17 The Marquee Club; Dallas, TX; November 5, 1990

The Stone Pub; Concrete, WA; December 27, 1989
1. It Ain't Like That
2. Man in the Box
3. Sea of Sorrow
4. Real Thing
5. Bleed the Freak
6. Put You Down
7. Sunshine
8. We Die Young

The Marquee Club; Dallas, TX; November 5, 1990
9. It Ain't Like That
10. Man in the Box
11. Another Hell (Real Thing)
12. Love Hate Love
13. Heartbreaker (Put You Down)
14. Bleed the Freak
15. Confusion
16. We Die Young
17. Queen of the Rodeo

part 1 - part 2


The sound quality is good for an audience recording. I've seen Youtube video of part of this show, and this has better sound. Tracks 1-2 are from an entirely different show, and they're the first two tracks instead of thrown in at then end. They really shouldn't have even been included, and seem to throw off the flow of the rest of the album. Layne Staley makes several references to them being in Milan during the show, so there's no doubt where they are. He's also upset with the crowd that night and makes a few comments. Based on what he says, the crowd was throwing stuff onto the stage. "Whoever threw that gum at me, f--k you". Anyway, the band plays yet another great show and this is another awesome moment in time for AiC.

Alice In Chains
The World Is In Chains
Why Not Records (WOT 1014) [Liberated]
Audience Recording, EX-
Source: Original Silver CD--> X Lossless Decoder--> FLAC

Tracks 1-2 from NYC Roseland, December 1992
Tracks 3-16 from Milan, Italy 17 Feb 1993

1. Would?
2. Angry Chair
3. Dam That River
4. Them Bones
5. Love, Hate, Love
6. Junkhead
7. Rain When I Die
8. We Die Young
9. God Smack
10. Bleed the Freak
11. Put You Down
12. Rooster
13. Sickman
14. It Ain't Like That
15. Dirt
16. Hate to Feel



Anonymous said...

thanks for the AIC bootlegs!
This one does have good sound for an audience recording--unfortunately the speed on it sounds like it is running a little bit too slow--but that's cool since it makes them seem even more sludgey/draggy/or should i say druggy?;)/than usual!

(except for the two first songs from the different show which run at the correct speed--good to compare them to the others!)

Anonymous said...

Same guy who made the comment about the speed running too slow--i was referring to the Milan '83 show--i see now you have all three AIC boots under one comment header.

Just had a listen to part 1 of the Osaka '94 and that one too has very good sound quality for an aud. tape.

Unfortunately the pitch on that one runs too fast (at least it makes the band sound more *peppy* than normal!;). Don't know which is better (or worse), too fast or too slow!

Now i can see why i haven't checked out any AIC boots before! :)

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure the date for Osaka is wrong. I think it was Oct 23 1993. They only played Nutshell live in 94 once and that was in California.