September 9, 2011

Kim Mitchell - Harpo's Detroit (1985)

Kim Mitchell and band with a rock'n'roll party at Harpo's Detroit on February 8, 1985.
Songs from Akimbo Alogo, Kim's first solo album almost in its entirety, and some from his previous and notorious band: Max Webster.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:

01 Emcee Introduction/"Hawaii-Five-O"
02 Accidents Of Passion
03 Watch And Be Set
04 Oh War!
05 In The World Of Giants
06 Feel It Burn
07 Kids In Action
08 Deep Dive
09 Rumour Has It
10 All We Are
11 That's A Man
12 Love Ties
13 In My Shoes
14 Check
15 Go For Soda
16 Lager And Ale


FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2


Anonymous said...

What a treat,thanks dude.
Excellent gig, the bass-playing on this is just awesome.
Go for soda geezer.
Thanks again.

greyrocker said...

Nice upload!
Thanks for another treat to these old ears!!

PE_35 said...

hi from Canada,

since all that time i collect rare audio concerts ( 25 years) i never seen this one.

the K.Mitchell band were a killer band, i seen them in '85 in Montreal spectrum, it was so good, Paul De long on drums is very hot, i can tell it myself who now have 36 years experience on drums

thanks very much

gypsymuse said...

Oh Goodie~!
Thanks Attic

zowie said...


gypsymuse said...

any hopes of getting the FLAC for the Harpo's Mitchell show reupped!

I've not been in in a long time and missed this baby!


AtticRock said...

Kim Mitchell's files are ok again!