July 23, 2011

Anouk - Palladio, Helden, The Netherlands (1998)

A forty minutes show of pure energy with Anouk, a great singer from the Netherlands that was "discovered by Golden Earring's frontman Barry Hay" (Wikipedia),
This performance is from the beginning of her career but Anouk has already eight studio and three live albums released to date and she is quite popular in her homeland.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: TV Broadcast

Track List:

01 - Intro
02 - Home is in my head
03 - My life
04 - Together alone
05 - Mood indigo
06 - Sacrifice
07 - Nobody's wife
08 - It's a shame
09 - Pictures on your skin
10 - It's so hard



Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this fine sounding show.

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for this one...any chance to have a dvd live too???

AtticRock said...

I don't have the DVD, only the audio.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff indeed. Mood Indigo was one of my favourite GE songs and I didn't even know that it was written for this girl's debut album... What a fool I am !

Immediately ordered her official albums.

Thanks for sharing and making us discover talents !


AtticRock said...

Hi Derek
I first heard her with the song Nobody's Wife on the Portuguese Radio, some years ago...
And talking about discovering talents did you liked the Sheepdogs that I put here some weeks ago?

Dutch Dude said...

Many thanks for updating the links. :-)