July 31, 2011

Amy MacDonald - New Pop Festival 2008, Germany

To end this July 'ladies month' on Soundaboard we have one of the best new talents around. Scottish singer and songwriter Amy MacDonald has already released two fine albums and the third will possibly be out this year.
This show was captured in Baden-Baden (Germany) at the New Pop Festival, on its 2008 edition and the focus was This Is The Life, the very successful first album from 2007.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:

01 - Poison Prince
02 - L.A.
03 - Youth of today
04 - Mr. Rock'n'Roll
05 - Next big thing
06 - Footballer's wife
07 - Mr. Brightside
08 - Run
09 - Dancing in the dark
10 - This is the life
11 - Let's start a band




Anonymous said...

Have this one. Sounding great. Highly recommended. All the best foryou.

Anonymous said...

saw the name amy and thought - WFT!
enough of that broad.....
but - to my delight - an actual living, breathing, "on the verge" STAR (and "artist", as opposed to the other one)....
thanks for this gem!
and for all the haters, joplin kicks winehouse's ASS!