June 14, 2011

Ted Nugent - Electric Ballroom, Dallas,TX 1975

After leaving The Amboy Dukes in 1975 Ted started a highly successful solo career with a great first album that got double platinum for sales in the States.
From this album we have five songs in this recording, showing a great era for the Nuge and band.

Sound Quality: 8.5

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:

1 - Stormtroopin'
2 - Queen of The Forest
3 - Great White Buffalo
4 - Where Have You Been All My Life
5 - Ted Picks and Raps a Bit
6 - Lady Luck
7 - Hey Baby
8 - Snakeskin Cowboys
9 - Hibernation


MP3 - Mirror
FLAC - Mirror

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greyrocker said...

Many thanks! Some great tracks on here.

Anonymous said...

the wackmaster at his best, even if you say it's quality is only 8.5


DSB said...

Back when he was a hippie.

rock n roll animal said...

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AtticRock said...

New links up.

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any chance deposit files.

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rock n roll animal said...

great stuff.......thank you

any chance of doing the same for the nugent seattle bootleg please.