June 2, 2011

Rainbow - Hit The Rainbow (1978)

A classic line-up of Rainbow performing on the Long Live Rock 'N' Roll tour and as support of Reo Speedwagon.
Recorded live at The Omni, Atlanta, USA on June 24th, 1978 , two songs (Long Live Rock 'N' Roll and Gates Of Babylon) were taken from a Don Kirshner's TV show.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast/TV

Track List:

1 - Kill The King
2 - Mistreated
3 - Long Live Rock And Roll
4 - Man On The Silver Mountain
5 - Still I´m Sad ~ Beethoven´s Ninth(IV. "Ode To Joy" - Keys ~ Drums(Tchaikovsky´s 1812 - Still I´m Sad
6 - Long Live Rock And Roll
7 - Gates Of Babylon



Russ said...

Awesome! I was at this show- 15 years old....back when Rock and Roll ROCKED AND ROLLED!

Massa said...

Cover here:

catdeli said...

I saw this tour in Albany, NY on June 3rd. But the next year with Graham Bonnet they played my hometown in September. We got to meet Herr Blackmore and were greeted by him with "Who the bloody hell are you???". Kind of killed the conversation right there.

thrasher said...

can you reupload this? the mp3 link is dead.


AtticRock said...

Hi thrasher, you can get it now!

thrasher said...

i'm listening right now. thanks!

thrasher said...

man, this is a killer show!!! i've seen several shows at the omni from 1990-1994. we'd drive up from b'ham, al.

now it's long, but i labeled track 5 like this:

guitar solo / still i'm sad / beethoven's 9th symphony (ode to joy) / keyboard solo / drum solo / tchaikovsky's 1812 overture / still i'm sad (reprise)

if it's not perfect, it's close enough. even ritchie may like how i have it. :)


Anonymous said...

reupload this link friend, the blog is ffom the greats maters of music knowledge, very great

re-up the bootleg


Anonymous said...

great thankss for the re up !!!!

Anonymous said...

Link is dead. Nothing happens after countdown, wants you to pay for premium.

AtticRock said...

It's working fine.