March 10, 2011

Queens Of The Stone Age - Quart Festival, Norway 2003

QOTSA on the tour of the highly acclaimed Songs for the Deaf.
Recorded in Kristiansand, Norway on the Quart Festival, that also saw performances from Coldplay, The Flaming Lips, Röyksopp, The Cardigans, Immortal, Mew and others.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:

01 First It Giveth
02 Do It Again
03 You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire
04 You Would Know
05 Monsters In The Parasol
06 Quick And To The Pointless
07 Gonna Leave You
08 Hangin' Tree
09 In The Fade
10 Song For The Dead
11 Tension Head
12 Go With The Flow
13 Mexicola
14 Auto Pilot
15 Another Love Song
16 Regular John
17 No One Knows
18 Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
19 The Sky Is Fallin'



Anonymous said...

Thanks! QOTSA was great back then. Since Nick is gone, the danger in QOTSA is gone :-(

Anonymous said...

Cheers Soundaboard and Titus for the great bootz! Keep'em coming ;)

AtticRock said...

I appreciate the compliments., Regarding Titus he isn't aboard for more than a year now. You can find him here.

Anonymous said...

Link wouldn't work in free mode, wanted me to susbscribe to fileshare

AtticRock said...

Fileshare? If you mean fileserve I can make a mirror on other host.

Craig said...

not workin for me.

I kep getting can not open as archive with my .RAR program (7zip)

Hugo said...


AtticRock said...

I made a new upload for the MP3 file, it should be ok now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks from this. Unfortunately cover art was not included, you seem to have at least front cover - any chances to share also covers in printing quality?

Anonymous said...

Funny, I found:


in my copy... Why don't you respect the taper's work?

AtticRock said...

Are you sure you are in the right place Anonymous?
Anyway, I provide mp3 files because I know that around 90% of the visitors prefer it to the flac/shn/ape that I also share.
And let's face it, it's not realistic to upload something to a public place and write that kind of thing.

j said...

It is down.

Anonymous said...

could we get a reup of this plz?

AtticRock said...

Working now!

Anonymous said...

Yes it is working, thankx much for reup.