February 18, 2011

Jethro Tull - Out In The Green (1988)

Jethro Tull #3

Recorded at the Out In The Green festival in Germany during Tull's 25th anniversary tour. This has a duration of around 70 minutes and excellent sound except for some CD glitches.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:

01 - Farm On The Freeway
02 - A New Day Yesterday
03 - Fat Man
04 - Budapest
05 - Pussy Willow
06 - Pibroch
07 - My God_Flute Solo
08 - Jump Start
09 - Aqualung
10 - Locomotive Breath
11 - Black Sunday


MP3 - Mirror

SHN pt1
SHN pt2


Marc said...

archive 1 OK

track 6.shn is corrupt
2.44 min music in a 3.56 min file
the end of the waveform is empty

AtticRock said...

That is very strange, I extracted and heard that track just fine.
Anyway to make it easier I put it here.

Marc said...

it's the same corrupted files you have uploaded!

same waveform - TLH will not convert it to flac...truncated
06 - Pibroch (Cap In Hand).shn 28823Ko -> 18392 Ko 2.44 min in flac with foobar


AtticRock said...

Ok, let's try this again, now from a different source here.

marc said...


this one is complete


Anonymous said...

Actually, track 11 Black Sunday seems to fail playback / conversion (using foobar2000's Shorten module).

Anonymous said...

... and, shorten.exe cuts it down to a .wav much smaller than the .shn. Only 1 min 12 sec. Same as the mp3 version, that is cropped too.

AtticRock said...

Track 11 is cut out but probably due to radio programming constrictions. In this case is not a shn error, I have a flac version of the show and this track only has 1 min 12 sec too.

Anonymous said...

Might be, but the facts that the .shn file is (much) bigger *and* seems corrupt, do suggest otherwise. I would guess that every shorter .wav/.flac/.mp3 file is due to the corrupted encoding.

As long as no-one knows how to get the full data from the .shn decoded, it isn't really important why, though.