January 16, 2011

Journey - Comiskey Park, Chicago 1979

Journey with Steve Perry on the Evolution tour live at the Comiskey Park, Chicago.
Excellent show and sound, I believe this was used in a Radio special called Studio Jam.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: Pre-FM

Track List:

01 - Intro-Majestic
02 - La Do Da
03 - Next
04 - Feeling That Way
05 - Anytime
06 - Lights
07 - Lady Luck
08 - Too Late
09 - Kahoutek
10 - Winds Of March
11 - Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'
12 - Just The Same Way
13 - Lovin' You Is Easy
14 - Guitar Solo
15 - Wheel In the Sky
16 - She Makes Me
17 - Patiently
18 - Open The Door



Anonymous said...

my sister in laws favorite band.


greyrocker said...

Nice upload of one of my favourite bands.

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have to ask..... why is a complete stranger's sister-in-law's band preferences of interest to ANYONE on this godforsaken earth?!?!

Anonymous said...

This is a great show but it is NOT Comiskey Park as it has been labeled. It is Chicago but I can't remember the venue. I saw this subject come up on another board somewhere once before.

Spensersdada said...

Another gem. Thanks.

Spensersdada said...

Quite a gem, thank you very much.

el_hulk said...

Effin excellent! First time I've hear "Next" live and Neal freakin tears it up on the solo. You made my day thanks again.

The Commish said...

CAn someone re-up the MP3?

Anonymous said...

I have this show and it is labeled as May 28, 1979, Chicago. This is also missing 3 songs (Do You Recall, Daydream, and When You're Alone It Ain't Easy).

Jim VanDePutte said...

Great day! Took some rain to make it our Woodstock but sorry. Carlos stole the show. His only 'Oneness' tour. A rainbow came out when he started. Heaven on Earth.

Jim VanDePutte said...

Was July or August. Hot day. Eddie Money, Molley Hatchett? Thin Lizzy, break, rain. SANTANA! Then Journey at their best!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the links expired. A re-upload would be greatly appreciated.
thank you

AtticRock said...

New links: Journey - Comiskey Park, Chicago 1979

Olli said...

thank you for the new link

Anonymous said...

thank you for the re-up