January 6, 2011

Allman Brothers Band - First Flight (1969)

This is regarded as the first live show of the Allman Brothers Band, and was recorded just four days after their official foundation.
Besides some oscillation and abrupt cuts and fades the sound is pretty good considering the date which this took place, more than 40 years ago, March 1969.

Sound Quality: 8.5

Source: Soundboard

Track List:

CD 1:
1. Don't Want You No More
2. Rock Me Baby
3. Crossroads
4. Born In Chicago
5. Willie Jean Jam
6. Born Under A Bad Sign

CD 2:
1. She Has Funny Cars
2. Hey Joe
3. New Shoes Blues
4. Travellin' Music Jam

FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2


Anonymous said...

Thanks! This is fun to listen to from their early days. The only debate is whether this counts as the 1st Allman Bros. show since Greg Allman has not yet joined the band. Reese Wynans plays the keyboards on this one.

Anonymous said...

Happy to be the first to thank you for this very special show. Congratulations for all you do and happy new year.
Best regards from France,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great show. The parts are changed, but the sound is real good.

Allman Brothers Band 03/30/69
Jacksonville Armory, Jacksonville, FL

Date: 03/30/69
Year: 1969
Venue: Jacksonville Armory
City: Jacksonville
State: FL

Set I

She Has Funny Cars
Hey Joe
Slow Blues
Jam #1

Set II

Don't Want You No More
Rock Me Baby
Born In Chicago
Jam #2
Born Under A Bad Sign


Anonymous said...

I can't get a free download. All they send me is a uploading html. No links. Stickl weith the big names. These little guys don't rate. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Utter bullshit. Even using internet employer... 51 minutes to download? You must be kidding.....

Anonymous said...

This is great but the band were still billed as "Second Coming" as Gregg Allman had not yet joined.

AtticRock said...

Yes that is the debate the first visitor that wrote a comment was telling about.
In Wikipedia for example it says "The band was formed in Jacksonville, Florida on March 26, 1969".

zowie said...


Anonymous said...

So you're knowingly spreading false lossless and you won't even warn ppl about it... Ok. Fine!

Your kind is the the worst... And I got nothing but time.. :)

AtticRock said...

The files on this post aren't available for some time now, I don't get how do you know they are lossy.

Anonymous said...

PS: I posted here today on this show, but I haven't actually checked it yet. I meant to post these responses to your Allman Brothers 1-17-71 show. I checked that one and it clearly shows to have come from a lossy source. Download Traders little Helper and see for yourself. It's trusted web-wide.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

These links do not work. Could you re upload them please.

AtticRock said...

Links working now!

Tim Jensen said...

Thank You!