November 13, 2010

Y&T - Santa Barbara 1985

Classic Hard Rock at its best with Y & T, and a concert in the old style with guitar and drum solos, and on top of it all that Meneketti characteristic beautifully melodic guitar sound.
I'm not sure but believe this was a King Biscuit Flower Hour broadcast recorded at the Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:

01 - Open Fire
02 - Lipstick And Leather
03 - Don't Stop Runnin'
04 - Go For The Throat
05 - 25 Hours A Day
06 - Summertime Girls
07 - Forever
08 - Guitar Solo
09 - Meanstreak/Drum Solo
10 - Black Tiger





Anonymous said...

awesome and/or sweet!!

one of my all time favorite, most under rated bands.

thank you :)

DFRCH said...

Thanks a lot for Y&T post.
Seems to be great.

Anonymous said...

Y&T started with something no. Other band ever had. Their. Sound. Their image, style,. And gods gift to guitarist. Dave meneketti who took. Time to give their music some. Feeling. And others like. Pat travers. Jimi hendrix. I owe these guys its how I. Got got my chops. Facemelter rules!!! D.Gifford

Anonymous said...

Could we please get a re-post of the FLAC files?! :)