November 19, 2010

Journey - Riviera Theater, Chicago, 1976

Back with Journey and another pre-Steve Perry show, this one at the Riviera Theater, Chicago with five songs from Look Into The Future.
Recorded from a not perfectly tuned FM reception probably to a cassette tape, heavy on bass, expect some hiss but also a detailed guitar sound and brilliant playing.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:

01 - Mystery Mountain
02 - In My Lonely Feeling
03 - Look Into The Future
04 - On A Saturday Nite
05 - Midnight Dreamer
06 - Of A Lifetime
07 - You're On Your Own
08 - It's All Too Much
09 - In The Morning Day



FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2


Sadness said...

yes the bass is a bit over the top but guitar leads are very very good.. Schonnwill always be in top ten guitarists.. thanks

Anonymous said...

possible date + location according to dime or STG:
1976-05-01 - Chicago - Riviera Theater

Anonymous said...

Superb show, proof once again what a great band they were before Perry came on board.

Bootradr said...

The date is 1976-05-01 for this show. I've only got a crummy mp3 @ 112 kbps copy of this one. Is there any chance you could re-upload the FLAC files please? Thanks...

AtticRock said...

Sure, they are ok now.

Anonymous said...

Unable to load file. Note states "removed due to copyrite infringments".