November 22, 2010

Jeff Beck Group - Flying High (1971)

The second coming of the Jeff Beck Group recorded at Turku, Helsinki, Finland in the course of a small European tour before the release of the album Rough And Ready. Sincerely I'm not too keen of Bob Tench vocals but the instrumental parts are top quality.
Four tracks of this show appeared on Rough And Ready and the other, I Got Have A Song, would be edited on the group's 1972 record just simply called Jeff Beck Group.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: Soundboard

Track List:

1 - New Ways / Train Train
2 - I Got Have A Song
3 - I've Been Used
4 - Situation
5 - Jody




Anonymous said...

Thanks! Short, but great sound, and it's Mr. Beck.

Luis Rush said...

I will check this recording later, cause Im working at the moment. Yesterday Jeff Beck played here, in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and the performance, as always, was amazing a lot!!
Unbelievably, the place was crowd, I say this because we dont have here a radio or a specific midia to promote the kind of music that Jeff Beck plays, besides, was raining, was middle of the week and we are living a sad battle between police and marginal inside the streets..

Thanks for post this guy!!

Anonymous said...

Really Great sounding recording:
BUT: this recording is missing at least 1 song that I know of:
Ice Cream Cake

AtticRock said...

Hi, in this release Ice Cream Cakes is included in track 5, Jody.