October 2, 2010

Lone Star - Paris Theatre, London 1976

October's first post is a recording on which a did a little tweaking on the sound. It's Lone Star, and this was kindly shared by AndyAnon:

"...it's their first BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert session in 1976, when they opened for Mott. It was recorded at the Paris Theatre, London on 23rd September 1976. I remember recording these sessions onto cassette tape from FM radio and cursing whenever a motor bike came past and interfered with the reception...

The line up is

Kenny Driscoll - vocals
Paul Chapman (later to join UFO) and Tony Smith - guitars
Rick Worsnop - keyboards
Pete Hurley - bass
Dixie Lee - drums

All tracks are from their eponymous debut, with the exception of Hypnotic Mover, which appeared on their second album Firing On All Six (John Sloman took vocals on the second album)."

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 - DJ Intro
02 - A Million Stars
03 - Lonely Soldier (tape dropouts)
04 - DJ Talk
05 - Hypnotic Mover
06 - She Said She Said
07 - Flying In The Reel (tape dropouts)



Anonymous said...

Thanks for this little gem of a very much overlooked band.

JM said...

Thank you for this. I remember the good old days of trying to tape shows onto cassette via a dodgy FM tuner (LOL) - this one came out pretty well.

Would be great to hear the Lone Star portion of the Radio One show that they shared with Pat Travers a year or so after this one.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested I have a CD of Lone Star called "BBC Radio One Live In Concert".

Paris Theatre 23-9-76
A million stars
Lonely soldier
Hypnotic mover
She Said she said

Queens college England 29-9-77
She said she said
Crafty Jack
Bells of Berlin
Flying in the reel

AtticRock said...

Thanks but I believe that is official stuff.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget the 10 tracks that was to be the 3rd Lone Star album. Recorded between Jan and Aug 78 which never made it to CBS, it would have made a cracking additions to the two previous releases.

Anonymous said...

Oh what might have been were it not for that fateful transatlantic trip and too much booze - or so legend has it.
Highly recommend anyone who hasn't to buy their two albums. Brilliant.
I recall a BBC radio documentary featuring them....
Thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

Think you will find that the paris theatre show has had an official release.

AtticRock said...

Yes, but I couldn't find where to buy it so I suppose it's unavailable.
Also this is a recording made directly from the broadcast as you can hear it, not a copy from CD.
Apart from that if there are any complaints I will remove it, no problemo.

Anonymous said...

I have both "In Concerts" on cassette , great quality sound....dolby stereo , and I picked up the unreleased LP too ( from a blogspot) .. but even better were 2 John Peel sessions and a third one that I think was Tony Wilson produced for the Alan Freeman Show ? The radio one Saturday evening "In Concert" was brilliant , giving me a 500+ collection of the finest live music to ever be broadcast , from soloists , to bands , from Folk , Rock , Blues & Jazz-Rock ........and 20-40 year old cassettes still sound good , and Audacity enables me to store them digitally on a separate Hard Drive unit........ just wish I knew how to share them !

AtticRock said...

If you want to share some of your stuff I will be happy to help you.
If you are interested contact me here:

Anonymous said...

The Lone Star ‎– BBC Radio One Live In Concert CD (Label: Windsong ‎– WINCD 059) doesn't contain the whole of the Queen Mary College 1977 set. It has tracks -

> She Said She Said
> The Ballad of Crafty Jack
> Bells of Berlin
> Flying In The Reel

But misses out "All of Us To All of You". I would be very greatful to have a copy of that track so I could enjoy the whole set as it was played live!

EDUARDO said...