June 11, 2010

Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Band - At The Snack Benefit

This one is brought to us all by Jordan and features Bob Dylan, Neil Young and The Band playing at the Kezar Stadium at San Francisco's Golden Gate Park for a benefit.
Bill Graham created the SNACK benefit (Students Need Athletics Culture and Kicks) to help preserve school programming for youngsters.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: FM Broadcast



Anonymous said...

What is the date of this performance?

AtticRock said...

I believe it's March 23rd 1975.

jordan said...

Yes,March 23,1975. Also,the tracks are:
1.Are You Ready for the Country?
2.Lotta Love
3.Lookin' for a Love
4.Loving You
5.I Want You
6.The Weight
8.Knockin' on Heaven's Door


Anonymous said...

cool, thanks!

Anonymous said...

This looks great !

Thanks a lot for sharing


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing... :)


whsonic said...

Hi, just a little correction. Song #2 is not Neil Young's "Lotta Love", but "Ain't That A Lot Of Love" by Homer Banks and Willie Dean Parker (sung by Sam & Dave, The Fabolous Thunderbirds, Taj Mahal).
When you listen to this one, you know where the Spencer Davis Group found the riff for "Gimme Some Lovin".

Anonymous said...

the link is dead - could you repost it in some other way ?

stinkey diver said...

Hi please re upload this!!

AtticRock said...

I don't have this one, it was shared by Jordan.