April 14, 2010

Diamond Head - Glasgow 1984

A Diamond Head concert on 7th of February 1984, some months before splitting after being dropped by MCA, their record label. Some years later they reformed and are currently still active.
Looking at the show setlist the band was concentrating efforts on the album Canterbury, an excellent work that generally isn't much appreciated.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 - Play It Loud
02 - I Need Your Love
03 - Canterbury
04 - Ishmael
05 - Lightning To The Nations
06 - One More Night
07 - Don't You Ever Leave Me
08 - To The Devil His Due
09 - Keyboard solo
10 - In The Heat Of The Night
11 - Makin' Music



Anonymous said...

Nice gig-they sound a lot different with with keyboards and a decent rhythm section.

Spensersdada said...

Diamondhead can be hard to find. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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AtticRock said...

...and Diamond Head done too!