December 25, 2009

Aerosmith - San Antonio TX 1982

Here's a different Aerosmith, Joe Perry left the band in 1979, Brad Whitford in 1981 and one year later Rock In A Hard Place was released, an album usually put a little aside from the rest.
This concert is from that tour and it's really not that bad...

Sound Quality: 9

Source: Soundboard

Track List:

01 - Intro/Back In the Saddle
02 - Mama Kin
03 - Big Ten Inch Record
04 - Three Mile Smile
05 - Reefer Head Woman
06 - Rock In A Hard Place
07 - Lord of the Thighs
08 - Lick And A Promise
09 - Sweet Emotion
10 - Dream On
11 - When the Lightning Strikes
12 - Walk This Way
13 - Milk Cow Blues
14 - drum solo
15 - Toys In the Attic
16 - Train Kept A'Rollin'

FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2


Anonymous said...

Hi Attic
Great Post
Merry Christmas!!!
keep on rockin
from Brazil-waldyr

AtticRock said...

Thanks waldyr, happy holidays :)

Anonymous said...

Great Aerosmith show, if eveen if Perry & Whitford weren't in the band. I like this show due to the fact that Tyler goes off on some guy in the audience.


side3 said...

I saw Aerosmith in 1978 and again on this tour. The "Perry-less" band was actually the better of the two shows.

Toxxy said...

Cheers for the tunes AtticRock!

Thx for all your awesome posts in 2009, totally great job!

A very Happy New Year to you and your family, best of good luck in 2010.

Cheers from Denmark!

AtticRock said...

Hey Toxxy
I'm very pleased to 'see' you aboard.
I wish you the best for 2010, keep on rocking!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great post. An unfairly treated line-up, this: the show is a cracker.

Evil-e said...

Thank you, Mr. Board :)


Evil-e said...

After listening to this show, I am again frustrated by those who would look to improve the sound of a show by over-compressing the files :(

Please don't take this as an offense to your site and all the great music you post. I am just hoping that one day those who do not understand one day will :(

AtticRock said...

No offence taken, the files are posted here in the same state as I get them out there.
Very rarely I post a remaster done by me, but curiously I'm preparing one with Aerosmith very soon! Hope you don't find it too bad :)