November 11, 2009

Cowboy Junkies - Toronto 2008

Probably a band many wouldn't expect here but their music is absolutely cool and sweet, even the hardest rocker should hear it at least once.
This concert was recorded at the Massey Hall in Toronto and was done to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the "Trinity Sessions" album recording.

Sound Quality: 10

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:

01 Intro
02 Mining For Gold
03 Misguided Angel
04 Margo Talks
05 Blue Moon Revisited
06 I Don't Get It
07 Margo Talks
08 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
09 Margo Talks
10 To Love Is To Bury
11 200 More Miles
12 Margo Talks
13 Dreaming My Dreams With You
14 Working On A Building
15 Sweet Jane
16 Postcard Blues
17 Margo Talks
18 Walking After Midnight
19 Outro



Anonymous said...


Fantastic band, beautiful music.

So glad to see them playing again : )

Thank You for your work here!

fulhamx said...

I already have it, but fantastic post
Great band, great music
Good to see stuff like this here

Anonymous said...

Thank you, been lookin' for something like that.

Remy29 said...

Good stuff Thank you

David Machado said...

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vilstef said...

Haunting & wonderful. Many thanks!

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AtticRock said...

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