May 17, 2009

Johnny Winter - Park West Chicago 1978

The great Johnny Winter alive and very well (as always).
This has only 5 tracks but is around one hour duration, Mississippi Blues for example has 18 minutes. You know Winter's jams, never seem to end, and we wish they never did :)

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:

1 - Rolling & Tumbling
2 - Come On In My Kitchen
3 - Johnny B Goode
4 - Mississipi Blues
5 - Sweet Home Chicago



Frankie said...

Thanks for this the Johnny Winter album. Fantastic stuff. Do you have anything live from bootleg of a Mr. "Lee Michaels". Thanks in advance.

AtticRock said...

To be honest I never heard about Lee Michaels before but if I find something I'll share it here.

Anonymous said...

AR: Thanx for the Johnny Winter boot. Johnny was quite the bluesman back in The Day...he still is but he can't play near as good as he used to, due to Radial Palsy in one hand.


AtticRock said...

Hi H*P*D, didn't knew it, just read now that he was diagnosed radial nerve palsy back in 2001.
You made me curious to hear again a show from 2004 that I shared here:

arfarf said...

Thanks for this Johnny Winter show. The bass player/harmonica player on this is Jon Paris, whom I know, so I burned him a copy of this and would like to pass along his thanks. Jon reports that this recording is a half step fast, in other words a song done in the key od A appears here as A# (A sharp). Does anyone know off hand what this is in a precentage basis, so I may attempt to correct this?
Once again many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!