May 2, 2009

Joe Bonamassa - BBC Maida Vale 2008

Blues prodigy Joe Bonamassa live on a broadcast recording in the BBC Maida Vale Studios, London.
It's a program with Paul Jones as host on his weekly rhythm and blues show on BBC Radio 2. Jones plays the harmonica on track 8.

Sound Quality: 10

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 Bridge To Better Days
02 So Many Roads
03 Interview With Paul Jones
04 One Of These Days
05 Sloe Gin
06 Audience Questions
07 Woke Up Dreaming
08 You Upset Me Baby (feat. Paul Jones)
09 Just Got Paid



Banda de Garagem - AKK said...

I already have this one. It is a great recording with shorts interveiws and also a little oportunity for a boy to play a short part of one music by a invite from Joe Bonamassa.
I would like to know if is there some kind of video file of this record. Do you know about it?
Thanks for your good blog.
Congratulations. Gualter

AtticRock said...

I don't know of any video recording of this, sorry.

Don't Tread 2012 said...

This is a terrific performance and interview with Paul Jones. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys blues, Joe plays with an edge.

Anonymous said...

is it possible to refresh this link (megaupload is dead) in some free time?
Thanks in advance.

AtticRock said...

I just put new links, now in FLAC too.