May 23, 2009

Dickey Betts Band - Lone Star Roadhouse 1988

A broadcast recording at the Lone Star Roadhouse in New York, a show with guests Jack Bruce and Mick Taylor on Spoonful, Jack Bruce, Mick Taylor and Rick Derringer on Southbound, and Rick Derringer on Rock & Roll Hoochie Coo.
The setlist has some Allman Brothers Band classics and songs from Pattern Disruptive, the album the Dickey Betts Band released in 1988.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:

Disc One
01 - Rock Bottom
02 - Blue Sky
03 - Time To Roll
04 - Duane's Tune
05 - Blues Ain't Nothin'
06 - Far Cry
07 - Heartbreak Line
08 - In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
09 - Lover Man
10 - Jessica

Disc Two
01 - Under The Guns
02 - Statesboro Blues
03 - One Way Out
04 - Rock & Roll Hoochie Coo
05 - Spoonful
06 - Southbound

Files (MP3):
Disc 1
Disc 2

Files FLAC:
Disc 1 pt 1
Disc 1 pt 2

Disc 2


Lodger said...

Thanks a lot for this great blues-rock lesson !
Cheers !!

Anonymous said...

this show also has Warren Haynes on guitar

Anonymous said...

I was able to get part 2, but part one just kind of refreshes the screen and no download happens.

BTW, thanks for the great concerts.

Anonymous said...

FWIW, my error was with Firefox. I tried it with Safari and it was fine. *shrug*

Thanks again for all of your work.

Anonymous said...

great concert, cool sound

thanks for posting

AtticRock said...

I'm glad so many people liked it although it's not very hard to find on the web.
Anonymous, thanks for mentioning Warren Haynes I totally forgot about him.

Anonymous said...

I seem to be having some problems as Jessica stops about midway through - any chance of this being reupped?

AtticRock said...

Ok, try it now.

Remy29 said...

I didn't realize that Warren was on this. Thank you Remy29

Anonymous said...

do you have a flac version by any chance?
thanks for this great site, small thing maybe, but it has a pleasant layout too.

AtticRock said...

Ok, now available in lossless too!

tarkus said...

too bad cd2 flac isnt available ! Very nice posting btw

tarkus said...

very nioe posting ! too bad cd2 isnt available as flac

AtticRock said...

It is on other host now.

zowie said...


Anonymous said...

thanks for the flac.
Betts is touring in Europe now,
maybe the last chance to see him here.

bluesisbest said...

Got Disc 1 but Disc 2 file not found.

AtticRock said...

New links working.

Anonymous said...

I actually came across this album a few years back but lost it... Great stuff! I'm really glad I found it again!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this
gotta be good if its in shn files!

Grayson Hugh said...

You forgot to mention me - singer/songwriter/pianist Grayson Hugh - as a part of the lineup on this live recording. You can hear my piano solos on "Southbound" and "One Way Out". Before I began headlining in support of my RCA debut album "Blind To Reason", I opened (with my seven piece band) for Dickie Betts on two tours of the South and Mid-west in the U.S. We got to be friends and Dickie invited me to join him onstage for this concert at The Lone Star Roadhouse. It was a blast!

AtticRock said...

Sorry for not giving you credit, the information text file that came with the music only mentioned these: Warren Haynes, Mick Taylor, Rick Derringer and Jack Bruce.
In fact there are more sites with incomplete information as you can check:

Anonymous said...

Great find - wow, thanks!!! CD 1 shows file does not exist on Freakshare. Where would I look for this?

George said...

Thanks for this! Everything DL'ed perfectly with the FLAC links. Thanks for the music!

Pig Street! said...

Small world just Dl Pattern Disruptive yesterday! Looking forward to this live one! Thnx

AtticRock said...

A good album, I have it on CD.