January 16, 2009

Trans-Siberian Orchestra (for K.D.)

(West Touring Group) FM (webcast?)
Rockline Los Angeles, CA 2008 (FLAC)

The Christmas fetishists performing live
in the Rockline studios. Good sound quality
with just the odd glitch. To me this is
music for people who are not into music
but hey K.D. loves 'em so what do I know!
Musical genius or a sterile placebo?
On a positive note:
they have a great lighting rig.

Paul O'Neill Interview
Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12-24
A Mad Russian's Christmas
The Prince Of Peace
Good King Joy
Wizards In Winter
Requiem (The Fifth)
Prelude To Madness
Queen Of The Winter Night
Keyboard Duel
Wish Liszt (Toy Shop Madness)
A Last Illusion
Siberian Sleigh Ride

see cover for full running order


Klaas Durk said...

hello Titus,
thank you very much for this one especially the intervieuws. I'll bet this is gone be a collectors item, so I'm a musical genius after all.
just kiddin'
btw it's already been downloaded several times, so I'm not the only one who likes them
anyway thanx and keep up the good work

Titus said...

Hey Klaas Durk,
I'm sure you'll come to your senses eventually. He He.

Tennoutdrsman said...

i downloaded it and only the interview came through...No music.

Tennoutdrsman said...

is there a password for this one?

AtticRock said...

This is a share made by Titus and he never used a password so I don't think this one has it.

Titus said...

Checked this and it's all there. No password required.