November 26, 2008

Yes - Boston 1974

Boston 1974 (FLAC)

Jon Anderson & Co. captured live on the
'Relayer' tour with Patrick Moraz on keyboards.
It's another great King Biscuit recording.

Sound Chaser
Close to the Edge
To Be Over
The Gates of Delerium
And You & I

Part 1
Part 2

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kaiwetronic said...

It's a pity, both links are dead...
This one seems to be impossible to get, can anybody out there upload it again...?
I'm a big YES fan and I thank mankind for all good sounding YES bootlegs...

mietek said...

links still dead...anyone for a re-up, please?

AtticRock said...

New links available :)

Anonymous said...

winrar open 4 song 2songs now!

gyula said...

"New links available :)"
Hi, please.....Thanks Gyula

AtticRock said...

New links available :):)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! Is this direct from pre-FM KBFH CDs? It sounds like it.

Anonymous said...

But the bummer here is that the songs on the current links do not match the list above - what's currently here is: Sound Chaser, To Be Over, And You And I, Close to the Edge, Roundabout. Sequence is different, and The Gates of Delirium is missing. Still, nice to have what's here.