November 9, 2008

UFO 1975


Excellent memento of the early Schenker years
when they were still mean & hungry.
The DVD is from their time as a four piece.

September 23rd 1975
Record Plant Studios
Los Angeles, California

KMET-FM intro/Let It Roll
Doctor Doctor
Oh My
Built For Comfort
Out In The Street
Space Child
Mother Mary
All Or Nothing
This Kid's
Shoot Shoot
Rock Bottom
C'Mon Everybody

Don Kirshner's Rock Concert

Give Her The Gun
Space Child
Doctor Doctor
Rock Bottom

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

No available links, Titus is gone and the files too, sorry :)

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Anonymous said...

A question for the soundaboard faithful: which artists would you most like to see featured? Gulp! Keep it general 'cos shows sourced from a 1970's tape recorder stuffed inside the pocket of a hippie's duffle-coat will not appear on this blog. (well...maybe if it's Blue Öyster Cult!)

Anonymous said...

Argent/Russ Ballard,Mott The Hoople/Ian Hunter,Anthony Phillips,Utopia/Todd Rundgren(Latest Tour would be GREAT!)Greenslade.

Anonymous said...

Roy Harper
Nick Harper

Guess Who ?

AtticRock said...

Ok, those who would like a sticky post on the right side of the blog only for requests raise your hands!

Anonymous said...

Reply to comment 3
Bet it's TBM's younger uglier dafter,smellier younger brother?

Gino said...

More on Grand Funk & Golden Earring would be nice! Would very happy to see a bootleg from the First UFO period : the Boogie for George area!
Thanks for all the other beauties.


Jonty said...

Some Grand Funk Railroad, UFO, Slade, Mud, Sweet, Status Quo, Nazareth, Rainbow, Thin Lizzy, Wizzard, Silverhead, Uriah Heep, Aerosmit, ZZ Top, Ten Years After, Canned Heat, Molly Hatchet, Blue Cheer, Blue Öyster Cult, Savoy Brown, Iron Butterfly, Free, Bad Company, MSG, Elf, Spooky Tooth, Steppenwolf, Trapeze and Cheap Trick would be nice.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

jonty - I'l do all of those tomorrow.
anonymous - no chance.
Seriously, I'll look for some of the artists requested by everyone, but it will have to be decent quality and they may be ones you already have.

Jonty said...

It was just some suggestions you know.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate you taking the time jonty. I guess you watched a lot of TOTP in the seventies?

Anonymous said...

Slade, Nazareth Cheap Trick and Elf (a friend of mine loves them) would be the ones I'd prefer

Anonymous said...

Reply to Atticrock Suggestion of a "sticky post". Does this mean you`re gonna start posting Porn??????

AtticRock said...

Read this:

Anonymous said...

You need to get a sense of humour.
Lighten up

Maxdout38 said...

The files are gone!!!

PatTree said...

Would it be possible to reactive theses files, please ! it seems so good ...

Titus said...

I found a reference to the DVD having had an official release. It's tacked on the end of one of those awful documentary type things that doesn't even feature the band. Sorry

ruby101 said...

Thanks for the post. Titus to followup on your comment, the 4 songs from the DKRC 1974 show plus a Beat Club performance of Boogie and Only You Can Rock Me taped on a studio stage are available as an add on to the DVD entitled "UFO Strangers in the Night: The Ultimate Critical Review" released by Classic Rock Productions. What makes this release not such a dodgy affair (besides the complete videos) is the rather extensive interview with Pete Way. Otherwise, there are a bunch of other musicians not affiliated with UFO who discuss this great album. Worth picking it up. This is the only time you'll see UFO performing Give Her The Gun. This one DKRC performance way back when is what turned me onto UFO. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Please Re-upload! Dead links!

Anonymous said...

Please Reset Links.