October 15, 2008

Styx - Budokan 1982

Styx - Budokan 1982

Dennis De Young leads his silk-shirted
buddies through a classic set list recorded
in Tokyo on the 'Paradise Theatre' tour.
The kings of Pomp Rock at the
height of their er...pomposity.

AD 1928/Rockin' the Paradise
Blue Collar Man
The Grand Illusion
Great White Hope
Too Much Time on My Hands
The Best of Times
Fooling Yourself
Boat on the River
Come Sail Away
Borrowed Time
Half-Penny, Two-Penny
AD 1958/State Street Sadie


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kansas100 said...

Fantastic Styx at last.Thank you.

Scion said...

Oh, the chasm between the Equinox-era band and this time of travesty. You know Young and Shaw tossed DeYoung out of Styx when they were in their going-down-fast days?
Has anyone ever seen a boot of a live performance from the Wooden Nickel days?

AtticRock said...

I don't recall seeing a live recording from these days but I'll keep an eye open for it :)

knownote said...

The link just goes to rapidshare's homepage. Could you do an update on the link please? Love the site, just started looking for Styx stuff.

AtticRock said...

HI, this was one of those shares made by Titus.
Sorry, but I don't have the files.

Anonymous said...

Great site, could you reup new link for Styx? Thanx in advance!