October 29, 2008

Steve Hillage - Canterbury 1979

Steve Hillage - Canterbury 1979 (FLAC)

Same great quality as my previous
Hillage post. I saw him play a few
shows in the late 70's. It was always
a good freak-out. There were lots
of Afghan coats & woolly hats man!

Electrick Gypsies
Salmon Song
New-Age Synthesis (Unzipping the Zype)
1988 Aktivator
Unidentified (Flying Being)
It's All Too Much
Crystal City


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Anonymous said...

links to sh.rar = london 77

Anonymous said...

Sorry, there seems to have been a mix up at headquarters. Here is the link to this show:



AtticRock said...

Didn't saw it either.
It's fixed in the post now.

saucerer said...

Many thanks - sending you a steaming hot cup of virtual tea.

Anonymous said...

These Two Hillage Boots. Absolutely Fantastic.
Thanks Very Much

propylaen2001 said...

This appears to be the second disc from the GGGGONG-GO_LONG bootleg, or am I wrong?


Anonymous said...

That's right!
Are you a type of bootleg trainspotter?

Anonymous said...

No just a big Hillage boot collector and always on the look out for more.

Anonymous said...

Did Hillage wear Boots????????????

Anonymous said...

I bet they Stink!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oo..thanks for this..nice to have a new Hillage Boot. Only have a couple which i bought in Camden Town circa 1989..sweetness

Ernest Embryo said...

Nice one. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Any chance you could re-upload these Hillage shows, please?
Would be Much appreciated.

AtticRock said...

I don't have the files to re-upload.