October 3, 2008

Frank Zappa - New York Hallowe'en 1977

Frank Zappa
New York Hallowe'en 1977 mp3 256kbps

Everyone should listen to Zappa.
Not my favourite artist but certainly
the one who most opened my ears.
I have the full show from a different source
but it is nowhere near as good as this and
would not be presented on soundaboard.
As Rocket used to say on his sadly missed
'Hear Rock City' blog: We listen to the crap
so you don't have to!

1. Intro (Flakes)
2. San Ber'dino
3. Tryin' to Grow a Chin
4. City of Tiny Lites
5. The Squirm
6. Big Leg Emma
7. Audience Participation
8. The Black Page
9. Jones Crusher
10. Camariilo Brillo
11. Black Napkins


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Will Knot B. Revealed Snr. said...

Big Zappa fan here - thank you :)

Anonymous said...

File DESTROYED .......
The GURU Of Music
Live on Forever!

Spirit Bear

Anonymous said...

How about a re-up on this one?

AtticRock said...

This was shared by Titus, I don't have it.