July 11, 2008

Billy Squier - San Francisco 1981

A Supergroups in Concert recording with Billy Squier, singer and guitarist that reached tremendous success in the early eighties with some albums getting to the US top ten.
He plays songs from Tale of the Tape and Don't Say No, his first two albums.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM/Tape

Track List:
01 - Introduction
02 - In the Dark
03 - Rich Kid
04 - My Kinda Lover
05 - Whadda Want From Me
06 - Guitar Solo
07 - Lonely is the Night
08 - Young Girls
09 - I Need You
10 - The Stroke
11 - You Should Be High Love
12 - The Big Beat
13 - Band Intros
14 - You Know What I Like

FLAC pt 1
FLAC pt 2



Anonymous said...

What can I say?
Simple, Astonishingly brilliant.
Luv this one Mr Attic,right up my street.
Many, Many Cheers!
TBM Aka Computer Trilby Man (CTM)

AtticRock said...

Ok TBM I'm glad you liked it :)

xianrex said...

Fantastic - I'm downloading this right now. Love Squier's early stuff. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million, never thought I could find this again. It was on Bootlegtunz before, but Megaupload went belly-up, with the consequences we all well know... cheers & Karma, pal! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi..Could you please repost this in glorious FLAC.

Not to be greedy but if you could post the 1983 King Biscuit in FLAC from the mighty Billy Squire I would LOVE It.



AtticRock said...

Hi Soul, you can get this one in FLAC now.
The King Biscuit '83 show is available commercially so I can't post it.

BO-YO said...

Thank u so much! Some gems here :D