May 15, 2008

The Kinks - US Jive 1988

This is from the '88 tour in support of their live album The Road and includes recordings from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (tracks 1-12) and St.Louis, Missouri (tracks 13-16).
The Kinks is the kind of band that never disappoints me when heard live, studio recordings are a different matter though.
In this one I could find the time to share the files in both forms: lossy and lossless. You just have to choose :)

Sound Quality: 9

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01 - Low Budget
02 - Apeman
03 - Sleepwalker
04 - Come Dancing
05 - Lost and Found
06 - Think Visual
07 - Too Much on My Mind
08 - Living on a Thin Line
09 - Well Respected Man
10 - All Day and All of the Night
11 - The Road
12 - You Really Got Me
13 - Art lover
14 - Welcome to Sleazy Town
15 - Guilty
16 - Celluloid Heroes

Files (MP3) :

Files (Flac) :
Part 1
Part 2


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Saintsmon said...

Hi great post
Flac version is missing a volume

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AtticRock said...

No problem :)

THOS3 WIR3S said...

Wow, thanks!!!

Mike said...

thanks the Kinks never disappoint live kinda hoped Ray and Dave would tour this year, but Dave says NO!

arfarf said...

Thanks for sharing this.
Just a little extra info
Milwaukee portion of this show is fron april 8, 1988, Riverside Theater.
St. Louis portion is from april 14-1988, Fox Theater.
the milwaukee portion is only about half the show, and taken from various points in the show. I haven't found a setlist for 4-8 on line anywhere, but according to an aud. tape of the show it is:
Back Where We Started
Low Budget
Ape Man
Come Dancing
Art Lover
Cliches Of The World
Lost And Found
Welcome To Sleazy Town
Think Visual
Too Much On My Mind
Living On A Thin Line
Well Respected Man
All Day And All Of The Night
The Road
You Really Got Me
Celluloid Heroes

Hope this helps

AtticRock said...

Thats cool, many thanks for the extra information