April 24, 2008

Two from Titus

This post is a double dose of music kindly uploaded by Titus.
Let's start with Judas Priest from 1978:

Judas Priest
Tokyo 31/7/78 (soundboard)

I have heard the 'Red Hot Tokyo'
show that is circulating. I think this is better.
I love 'Unleashed in the East'.
I think this is better.
From what I can tell Priest played four shows
in Japan in 1978. Two were in Tokyo.
I can find no date for 'Red Hot Tokyo' so I
assume it's from the other Tokyo show.
There are only six songs but for me JP
never sounded any better than this.
Les Binks is a fantastic drummer - check out
his playing on Roger Glover's 'Butterfly Ball'.
Ian Hill is as solid as ever - nobody ever mentions
him. He should get a Lifetime Achievement
award for 'Keeping a low Profile'.
KK to the left & Glenn to the right
with crisply crunching guitars from the days
when Rob Halford could REALLY do it.
("Do what?" I hear you snigger)

White Heat, Red Hot
Victim of Changes
Beyond the Realms of Death
Genocide (best ever version?)

N.B. I have a sneaking suspicion that
'Starbreaker' may be from a different source.
It's in wav. with new covers
exclusive to soundaboard.

Link (long gone)

Ok and now for something different, a prog-rock band called Volunteers, a personal recomendation from Titus. Try it!

Volunteers are a UK based band led by singer/lead guitarist Paul Bibby. Paul has been creating music for over 25 years.This album is a sample of songs from various recordings and features many different musicians. I play bass on two or three songs and wrote the words to one. Several of the tracks were recorded at my home studio. Paul has an original approach to music but, to give you an indication, he is very fond of Captain Beefheart & King Crimson.
So NOT for the faint hearted.
Artwork is included and it's all FREE!

Link (long gone)


Flight East said...

Thanks for the Priest!

Titus' suspicion that 'Starbreaker' is from a different source is, I think, correct: it sounds exactly like the 1978 live version from Cleveland originally released on the 'Take On The World' 12-inch single. I'm pretty sure you can even hear the vinyl's surface noise!

If you'd like to check it out for yourselves, it's also more readily available on the 'Priest, Live & Rare' official CD.

sned said...

Thanks for the cool Priest tunes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments.
Flight East - you may well be right. I wonder what happened to the rest of the Tokyo 78 set.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the vintage JP

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on your comments about this priest show, it's excellent and yes genocide is the best version ever! Is this a lossless version I have a lossy one

Anonymous said...

I received the JP in FLAC which I converted to wav. - that doesn't mean it is lossless. It could have been FLACed from mp3. I believe there is software to confirm the lineage of files but, for me, life's too short to worry about such things. It sounds great to my ears. Hope that answers your question.

Anonymous said...

The Volunteers album absolutely fantastic stuff. The Volunteers have made quite a few better quality albums since this demo, and are currently rebanding. So watch Out!!!

Anonymous said...

Starbreaker is absolutely from another source - here is the date and venue:

Agora Ballroom, Cleveland , OH USA - May 31, 1978

It is the same recording, as another commenter pointed out, as appeared on the b-side of the 12" single of "Take On The World".

does the full version of that Agora show exist? I would love a copy of THAT one.. been searching since 1979 for it :)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing The Vol's music!
Nice 2 have a home studio to mix & match!
Keep em coming back 4 more!

Anonymous said...

Some Volunteers related stuff.




Anonymous said...

Could you please repost Judas Priest Tokyo 1978 and Lond Island 1980 in FLAC.



PS Always wondered..Is there any Pro Shot Video of Priest With Les Binks or Dave Holland?

analogkid610 said...

megauplink long dead a reup plz?

AtticRock said...

This link is offline for quite a long time, it was shared by Titus more than ten years ago!
Anyway I have this Priest show and will make a new post with it soon (I don't know if it's the same version though).