April 22, 2008

Henry Paul Band - The Bayou 1979

After leaving The Outlaws in 1977 Henry Paul created his own band and in '79 the debut album Grey Ghost was released.
This show from the same year was recorded at The Bayou in Washington DC and is sure to please any southern rock fan :)

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 - GunSmoke
02 - You Really Know What I Mean
03 - Lonely Dreamer
04 - All I Need
05 - So Long
06 - CrossFire
07 - Knoxville Girl
08 - Grey Ghost
09 - Freeborn Man
10 - Song in the Breeze
11 - It Gets Worse
12 - South Carolina



Anonymous said...

I have never heard The Outlaws. Which album is considered to be their best?
Re your earlier post: I went to the first six Donington Monsters
of Rock festivals and I can remember some of my Skynyrd lovin' friends really getting off on Blackfoot. I think it was the 2nd one in 1981 - they were promoting 'Marauder'

AtticRock said...

Marauder for me is the best album Blackfoot did, I used to have it on original cassette :) now I have the CD.
To start with The Outlaws I choose these three:
Hurry Sundown (more country influenced)
Bring 'Em Back Alive (I always liked live stuff)
Ghost Riders (great sound and harder than the previous)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'll check those albums out. Oh & the postman has just been. DL this tiny file:


AtticRock said...

Two dates? I would be very happy with one...
So many concerts here this year and still no BOC...

Anonymous said...

Not playing in Portugal?
I'll have a word with Buck when I see him! There's a site called Hellenic Cult & they are creating a petition to get the band to play in Athens. I also hear the fan club are trying to raise the cash to have the band play a set list chosen by the fans. Apparently BOC have agreed to rehearse any setlist if the money can be found.
But this will be in New York.
I've been listening to Ghost Riders & Bring 'Em Back Alive. Both have good stuff on 'em but probably not quite my thing.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

I will be busy for the next few days so I'll offer this now:

Judas Priest
Tokyo 31/7/78 (soundboard)

I have heard the 'Red Hot Tokyo'
show that is circulating. I think this is better.
I love 'Unleashed in the East'.
I think this is better.
From what I can tell Priest played four shows
in Japan in 1978. Two were in Tokyo.
I can find no date for 'Red Hot Tokyo' so I
assume it's from the other Tokyo show.
There are only six songs but for me JP
never sounded any better than this.
Les Binks is a fantastic drummer - check out
his playing on Roger Glover's 'Butterfly Ball'.
Ian Hill is as solid as ever - nobody ever mentions
him. He should get a Lifetime Achievement
award for 'Keeping a low Profile'.
KK to the left & Glenn to the right
with crisply crunching guitars from the days
when Rob Halford could REALLY do it.
("Do what?" I hear you snigger)

White Heat, Red Hot
Victim of Changes
Beyond the Realms of Death
Genocide (best ever version?)

N.B. I have a sneaking suspicion that
'Starbreaker' may be from a different source.
It's in wav. with new covers
exclusive to soundaboard.


AtticRock said...

Don't bother to mention it to Buck, unfortunately they are not known here :)
I suspected The Outlaws would not be exactly the thing to a Genesis fan...
And thanks for the Priest, I have this in my archives (send me an email and I'll pass my list to you) but don't remember it...will be posted soon.
Keep On Rockin' !

Anonymous said...

Another opionion on the best Blackfoot and Outlaw records to begin with, from someone from central Florida.

Blackfoots "Strikes"

The Outlaws "Green Grass and High Tides"

both include the bands hits, which is a great place to introduce new listers, IMO. Great blog!

Anonymous said...

It is most unfortunate that there is precious little in the way of recorded live music to document this fiery outfit. I saw them twice both before and after this concert: opening for the Allman Brothers in Lakeland, Florida in 1979 and a few months later opening for The Atlanta Rythem Section at the Curtis Hixon Hall in Tampa. The main components of the band, Henry Paul and guitarist Jim Fish can both still be seen as the members of the current day Outlaws. They were far better live than they were on record though some of their recorded cuts (Lonely Dreamer, So Long, Grey Ghost...) are as as good as anything that their comtemporaries ever did.

Thanks again for the upload, Mr. T!

Anonymous said...

best OUTLAWS album is "Hurry Sundown".