January 15, 2008

Pixies: Nyon Switzerland 1991

A concert on the Leysin Festival in Switzerland released with the title "Subbacultcha".
About 70 minutes of music including some titles from Trompe Le Monde, an album that hit the shops in October this same year and was their last.

Sound Quality: 9

Sources: Soundboard

Track List:
01 River Euphrates
02 Bone Machine
03 Hang Wire
04 Is She Weird
05 Subbacultcha
06 Tame
07 Isla De Encanta
08 The Happening
09 Velouria
10 Allison
11 Gouge Away
12 Debaser
13 Palace Of The Brine
14 Planet Of Sound
15 Mr Greives
16 Here Come Your Man
17 The Sad Punk
18 Monkey Gone To Heaven
19 Holiday Song
20 Motorway To Roswell
21 Vamos
22 Head On



rollwnirvana said...

Would you be able to find out the exact date of this? I'm really enjoying your blog here... thank you!

AtticRock said...

I believe it to be from the 7th of July, 1991.

Anonymous said...

Good morning...thank you for the Stones in Leeds post - quite enjoyable. Any chance of you re-posting this attractive Pixies concert?

AtticRock said...

Hello, you can get it now.

Anonymous said...

Could you RE-Upload the show "Pixies: Nyon Switzerland 1991" ..Please?

the (MP3) Link says: "Seite nicht gefunden" and "Error: 404"

Thanks for the AWESOME Blog :~}
Cheers, Robotic Sparticus

AtticRock said...

Robotic Sparticus, soon you will have some new files to download.