December 4, 2007

Marillion: London 1984

Great show at the Hammersmith Odeon on the night of 12 December on the Fugazi/Reel to Reel tour. This concert has been around in multiple forms under such names has Garden Party in UK, Childhood Rehearsals, Unforgotten Truth and others.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Track List:

01 Assassing
02 Garden Party
03 Cinderella Search
04 Punch Snd Judy
05 Jigsaw
06 Chelsea Monday
07 Emerald Lies
08 Misplaced Childhood (Part 1)
09 Incubus
10 Fugazi

Links removed, this was officially released has part of the "Early Stages" box.


Anonymous said...

Also released officially on Marillion's Front Row Club #15.

JR said...

This one is part of the "Early Stages" box,officially released in 2008, maybe you should delete it...

Anonymous said...

Completists may want the single track Emerald Lies, which was left out (due to the time constraint, I guess) of the Early Stages CD. I don't know about the FRC-15 though.

And it was December 14th. At least officially, that's where the Early Stages release was recorded. Marillion did three shows, 13th through 15th, but not the 12th.