November 26, 2007

Jimmy Page: New York 1988

Known as Midnight Moonlight this is a concert on the tour of the excellent Outrider.
A FM broadcast recording with good sound where we can hear Stairway to Heaven in an instrumental version.

Sound Quality: 9

Track List:

01 Who's to blame
02 Prelude
03 Over the hills and far away
04 Writes of winter
05 Tear down the walls
06 Emerald eyes
07 Midnight moonlight
08 In my time of dying
09 Prison blues
10 Wasting my time
11 Custard pie - Black dog
12 Train kept a rollin'
13 Stairway to heaven

FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2


Darren said...

I saw Jimmy Page on this tour.Thankyou so much for this great post,Great Site!!

Anonymous said...

what is password

AtticRock said...

The pass is:

Moonchild Dave said...

Despite what the CD jacket says, this appears to have been recorded live in Dayton, OH, October 21, 1988 not in New York. If you search on (great for any Zeppelin related cover art) for "Midnight Moonlight" you'll find it listed under the Dayton, OH date. Great show!!!

AtticRock said...

Thank you for the info Dave.

Anonymous said...

WestwoodOne recorded Cleveland and Dayton shows - a listen to the aud tapes of these dates shows the broadcast is a mix of the two.

Anonymous said...

awesome site!
Any chance of getting this Jimmy Page show reposted?


AtticRock said...

Ok, I will reupload this in the next days.

Anonymous said...

Attic - thanks much for the JP upload. Appreciate that!

Brian Kelly said...

I was wondering if I could get a re-up of this? Thanks in advance if it's possible.