October 19, 2007

Lou Reed: Philadelphia 1986

Got that Alice Cooper show i posted earlier? Ok, this comes in the same way.
It's another King Biscuit Flower Hour show with radio adds and jingles.
A concert at the Mann Music Centre in Philadelphia in July 1986 also released as LP with the name On Trial....As Recorded By His Lawyer.
That's exactly the cover i'm using here to illustrate the show.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Track List:
01 KBFH Intro
02 Air Force Commercial
03 Greyhound Commercial
04 Warner Home Video Commercial
05 Real Good Time Together
06 Sweet Jane
07 New Sensations
08 Satellite of Love
09 Vicious
10 No Money Down
11 Mistrial
12 Walk on the Wild Side
13 I Love You Suzanne
14 Air Force
15 Rock N Roll
16 Grey Hound Commercial
17 Gingis Formal Wear Commercial
18 Orion Prictures Presents UHF
19 Air Force Commercial
20 KBFH Closing
21 Lou Reed ID



Anonymous said...

The link is dead. Could you nrepost it. Ihave it on an old tape and it's a great show! Txs

AtticRock said...

Ok, you can get it now!

Anonymous said...

Got it! Txs a lot!

Anonymous said...

Could you RE-Upload the show "Lou Reed: Philadelphia 1986" ..Please?

the (MP3) Link says: "WhereToWatch.com - Find where to instantly watch your favorites movies and TV shows"

[note: 75 years ago, Lou Reed was born on March 02nd]

Thanks for the AWESOME Blog :~}
[I was a Robot]