October 26, 2007

Jason and The Scorchers: Philadelphia 1984

After the Georgia Satellites i couldn't find a better one than this fine blend of country-punk-rock. A recording from a Radio broadcast with some tape hiss, kinda natural, this took place more than 20 years ago!
On the Ripley Music Hall in Philadelphia, Jason and The Scorchers prove their reputation of a fine live band playing songs from the EP Fervor and the LP Lost and Found that would be released a year later (1985).

Sound Quality: 8.5

Track list:
01 I Can't Help Myself
02 Are You Ready For the Country?
03 White Lies
04 Last Time Around
05 Lost and Found
06 I Really Don't Want to Know
07 Hot Nights in Georgia
08 Pray For Me Momma (I'm a Gypsy Now)
09 Travelin' Band
10 Help There's a Fire
11 Honky Tonk Blues
12 Absolutely Sweet Marie
13 Harvest Moon
14 If Money Talks
15 Change The Tune
16 Great Balls of Fire



Toxxy said...

The Scorchers were a great band, thx for yet another super post AtticRock :-)

AtticRock said...

Thank you toxxy and congrats for the great work you're doing on Re-upped!

crispy said...

thanks a lot. just got the first half and am listening to it while i'm making the bossman rich. so far, great sound. and, they're rocking. great band - too bad i discovered them after they called it quits. thanks again.

Knox said...

Thanks for this one. I haven't heard some of these tunes in 20 years.

AtticRock said...

Yeah, good rocking with these guys, i believe i still have my vinyl of Lost and Found, have to look for it.
They did a reunion in Nashville this year as you can read on their homepage:

Old Joe, he wasn't a hero ... said...

Update your vinyl Jason & The Scorchers records here:


Anonymous said...

every time Jason and the Scorchers played the Drumstick in Lincoln, NE, it was a flat out life changing experience. They were the soundtrack to some of the best nights of my life!

Anonymous said...

They used to pull through Austin, Texas regularly. They were one of the finest rock n'roll bands to ever walk the face of the earth. I hope that they do some touring in support of their new album released later this month and make the trip back to Austin. Thanks for sharing this

Anonymous said...


I love this band but was bummed to find that this link is DEAD... can you repost with maybe a megaupload.. thanks
P.S. LOVE the site and Have shared it with friends

Warner Hodges said...

Hey Guys. Warner Hodges here of Dan Baird And Homemade Sin, The Bluefields, and Jason And The Scorchers. First off, We have not "Called It A Day". We do worl less than We used to, but We still work. We issued Our last album in late 2009, "Halcyon Times". Check it out. It is a really good record. You can contact us at jasonandthescorchers.com, or at any of the FB site.
My FB site is Warner E. Hodges.

Happy New Year.

AtticRock said...

Hi Warner, thanks for the heads up and have a great 2014!
If you want to share with us any good live recordings that you may have please send me an email:

ocoeeKnight said...

Link is dead

reanalyst said...

Please re-up this for a Scorchers fan!

AtticRock said...

Re-up done!

ocoeeKnight said...

Thanks for the repost. More JATS would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Please re-up the re-up, por favor. :)

George Brycki said...

Please re-up the re-up? Love these guys! Thanks in advance for your understanding in this matter! :)

AtticRock said...

New link running.

George Brycki said...

Got it! Thank you VERY MUCH, AtticRock...very gracious and generous of you to do it! You've made my day....no...my entire week!