September 9, 2007

Thin Lizzy: Out On Bail (Preston 1980)

After the nice comments on the previous Thin Lizzy post i found another recording from Phil and the boys. This one was recorded to tape from the soundboard and contains about 80 minutes of fantastic Hard-Rock.
I believe there's a more complete version of this show with 2 more tracks called Sha-La-La but i don't have it.
Enjoy this!

Sound quality: 9

Track List:
1 Are You Ready?
2 Hey You
3 Waiting For An Alibi
4 Jailbreak
5 Do Anything You Want To/Don't Believe a Word
6 Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
7 Still In Love With You
8 Chinatown
9 The Cowboy Song
10 The Boys Are Back In Town
11 Suicide
12 Sha La La
13 Sugar Blues
14 Baby Drives Me Crazy



Anonymous said...

Ahhhh KOOOOOOOOO.........Just lost me butt on Football and came here to find some AWESOME LIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZZZY \o/

Thanks again, you saved the day 8D


Anonymous said...

I don't know why but I can't get the password to work. I've copied and pasted it in, I've typed it in, I've typed in variations, and nothing works...

fegenheizer said...


Toxxy said...

Very nice post AtticRock! Thx!


I had NO trouble with the password, everything's fine at my end.

AtticRock said...

Thanks Toxxy, it's great to hear that, this password problems are really annoying, both for me and for those who can't extract the files!

samo said...

My guess is people having password problems are using UnRarX(Mac) which doesn't recognize characters like "://". You could change it to just

AtticRock said...

Thanks for the tip samo, i never thought of that.

Anonymous said...

Oi,Atticrock! Tudo bem?

Amigo,por favor, as capas não estão na parte 2 como você dissera...Seria possível você disponibilizá-las? Um grande abraço,Miguel.

AtticRock said...


As capas estão agora num arquivo à parte.


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks a lot!
Thin Lizzy rox!!

Anonymous said...

This is the same as "Sha La Live"