September 6, 2007

Ten Years After: Seattle 1969

Ten Years After is a great blues rock band from the sixties that is about to complete its 40th anniversary this year! They weren't active all these years but it's quite remarkable the same!
I've always loved their live performances such as the one on the legendary Woodstock. The one we have here is from the same year but a few months earlier at Seattle, Washington. Has a very good sound considering the year it was recorded and was sourced from a FM broadcast.
For those who enjoy TYA music i'd like also to suggest a visit at this blog called No Title which is completely dedicated to Ten Years After rarities.

Sound Quality: 8.5

Track List:
01 Spoonful
02 I'm Going Up High
03 Spider In My Web
04 Good Morning Little School Girl
05 Hobbit
06 I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes
07 Help Me
08 I'm Going Home



DaBoss said...

Great show! The ferocity of Alvin Lee's guitar is incredible -- he just pounds and shreds his way through these cuts like a meatgrinder making sausage. This is when they were young and hungry and it shows. Loud, fast and fun. The mix is pretty good, the guitar is the most forward, vocals are mid, drums and cymbals slightly behind vocals and bass somewhat in the back and not all that muddy --considering. The sound quality is at least as good, if not better than the commercially released "Undead" of about the same period -- but the performance is much more intense here. Thanks a lot. Made my night.

AtticRock said...

Hi DaBoss, what a fine review, thanks.
I have other TYA show from 1969 in Helsinki, Finland with a great sound, maybe i'll post it later.

DaBoss said...

Hi atticrock:
Thanks for the tip of NoTitle -- more fun stuff. Looking forward to your Helsinki show when you post it. Love the selection of your posts, nice blog.

NoTitle said...

Thank you very much . I found your comment on my blog and then visit it.
Great job !

Visit my ten years after blog at :

AtticRock said...

Hi notitle, nice to see you here.
Good work you're doing on your blog, just keep on man.

Meester Music said...

Love your blog.

downloaded this post but I don't seem to be able to find the password for these files.

Tried "", "Soundaboard_blog" but nothing works.


AtticRock said...


The pass for this share is:

Anonymous said...

I'ld like to hear this one but
doesn't do the job.
What should I do?
please help,

AtticRock said...

Hi Henry

If you are using a Mac there is nothing we can do because it doesn't recognize certain characters like //.
In this case i will try to upload it again next week with other pass.

Anonymous said...

the Helsinki is far out!

Henry's Archive said...

here's another TYA: