August 21, 2007

Journey: Live Satellite Transmission (1986)

I received another request for Journey, so here they are again this time live at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan.
A recording from the last Journey tour with Steve Perry, on the October 19th, 1986.

Sound Quality: 9

Track List:
01 - Stone In Love
02 - Anyway You Want It
03 - Girl Can't Help It
04 - Send Her My Love
05 - Open Arms
06 - Still They Ride
07 - Strung Out
08 - Suzanne
09 - Lights
10 - Wheel In The Sky
11 - Guitar Solo
12 - Raised On Radio
13 - Who's Crying Now
14 - Oh Sherrie
15 - Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'
16 - Jailhouse Rock

FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2


ARAMIS said...

Thanks a lot. JOURNEY has not been the same without STEVE PERRY.

Jonnie said...

I am so thankful that this site exists and it looks like alot of great shows are here. Could someone let me know what the password is for opening these up once they have been downloaded...
Thanks A Lot


AtticRock said...

hi jonnie

The password is always at the end of the posts.
In this one it is:

Anonymous said...

Thank you so, so much!!

Anonymous said...

They were really popular here. Interestingly, the Journey lyric "born and raised in south Detroit" makes little sense to anyone from the area, as there is no "south" Detroit.

AtticRock said...

That's curious, thank you for the comment.

Marvin said...

First I have heard of Rapidshare. Would be more than willing to share over 3200 complete CD's but I certainally do not want to pay to do this. I can do this for free everywhere. Just thought another source of downloads is always good, but again, not if I need to pay

Brett B said...

My system asks for a Password when I try to unzip these files?

Dummy B said...

My bad.....just saw the answer above my post! Dummy....LOL

AtticRock said...

Summer cleaning time...

Fernando Sanchez said...

Could you update the links? thnks in advance!

Gary said...

Thanks for all the great shows you share.