August 30, 2007

The Cult: Wembley Arena 1989

Also called "New York City Blues" this is the Hard Rocking phase of The Cult on the tour to promote Sonic Temple their most commercially successful album.
A good performance with good sound, i believe its source is a FM broadcast.

Sound Quality: 9

Track List:
01 New York City
02 Automatic Blues
03 American Horse
04 Sun King
05 Soul Asylum
06 Rain
07 Sweet Soul sister
08 She Sells Sanctuary
09 Born To Be Wild
10 Fire Woman



Larry said...

Thank You!

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Anonymous said...

Muito bom esse bootleg do The Cult,amigo! Um grande abraço e parabéns pelo seu trabalho. Miguel.

Anonymous said...

Please repost Part 1.

emanuel said...

Thanks a lot. Good post and big surprise for me. I make CD from these files and gonna listen to it in car!

Anonymous said...

I love the Cult, thanks for these great songs!!!

Anonymous said...

Where is it?

AtticRock said...

It was removed from massmirror servers.

macjones said...

so, if you can find the time, could you please re-up?
thanx in advance

AtticRock said...

Ok, I'll do it in the next days.

Anonymous said...

excellent Cult concerts - thanks and happy new year !!

Francisco Prado said...


Anonymous said...

This is from BBC Radio 1, an amazing performance that got me into the Cult when it was broadbast. My cassette copy of this is long gone, thanks for this!

martin41smith said...

The Cult are superb, brilliant stuff,thanx

Diego Konrath said...


Anonymous said...

Ian is the man. Thanks for sharing.

Mik Penza said...

link now says I can't have it 'cause I'm outside USA: can you help me, please ?

AtticRock said...

I created new links, it should be ok now.