August 9, 2007

Aerosmith: Philadelphia 1978

I'm back, again with Aerosmith, this one from a 1978 concert at the Tower Theatre in Philadelphia on the Draw The Line tour. There are several releases with songs from this date, the March 26th, such as The Increasing Killer Show, The Last True Document or The Ultimate Killer Show.
Some of these records include as fillers extra tracks from the MTV acoustic show shared here already so i didn't put them in the package. Besides those have nothing to do with this show. Highly electrified energy!

Sound quality: 9.5

Track List:
01. Rats in the cellar
02. I wanna know why
03. Big Ten Inch
04. Walk This Way
05. Sight For sore Eyes
06. Seasons of wither
07. Sweet emotion
08. Lord of the thighs
09. Kings & Queens
10. Chip away the stone
11. Get The lead out
12. Get it up
13. Draw the line

FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

YAY! Welcome back. \o/


Toxxy said...

D*mn nice to "see" you again AtticRock :-) Welcome back!

Thx very much for this show, should be a cracker!

BTW; I've started my own blog now (with some help from my very good friend, Babbler). Surf over to..:

...and have a look. Feel free to link to Re-Upped! here at your place AtticRock.

Cuauhtemoc said...

It doesn't open. You apply the pass and it just closes on you

Toxxy said...

Try and download again Cuauhtemoc, the extraction went fine for me without any problems.

Thx again for the tunes AtticRock :-)

AtticRock said...

Big thanks to you guys that wrote those nice words about this blog!

Toxxy good luck with your blog, i just had a look and it seems full of great music :)


Anonymous said...

3 titres sont coupés !! Y'a un problème !!

dubby said...

Thanks for posting this (and all the other stuff). Unfortunately, I'm having problems extracting it. I've tried twice, what's a guy to do?

AtticRock said...

Hi dubby, i'm sorry to read that but if it works fine with other people then the problem is not on this side.
I think you should try again.

Gorthaur said...

Please repost PART ONE again.

Anonymous said...

ive downloaded it twice and nothing...are you sure the pass is correct?

AtticRock said...

Yes, the pass is correct but if you are using a Mac computer that can be the problem, due to the character's used on the password such as ://
That's why I stopped using this password and made it simpler.

mariano said...

Could you please reupload this concert?
Thanks and happy new year!

AtticRock said...

New link available, enjoy and happy holidays :)

Pat Caza said...

mp3 link works fine as of today

Thanks for that