July 4, 2007

Savatage: Detroit 1985

This one is to fill a request from K D.
The only non-official Savatage i could find was this. A broadcast recording from a show live in Detroit after the release of Power Of The Night.

Sound Quality: 8.5

Track List:
City Beneath the Surface
Skull Session Warriors
Midas Knight
Visions of Hell
I Believe
Drum Solo
Guitar Solo
Washed Out
The Dungeons are Calling
Power of the Night
Scream Murder
Twisted Little Sister
On the Run
By the Grace of the Witch
The Whip



Anonymous said...

many many thanks for this one from Savatage, and keep up the good work
I like it very much

AtticRock said...

Ok K.D. glad you liked it.
I will be on the lookup for more Savatage.

Gerald said...

Man, thanks for this post. Savatage is great.

Anonymous said...

hello there,
Thanks for all the great posts,
I need some help getting the files from Savatage,
winrar keeps telling me it's the wrong password,
are you sure it's:Soundaboard_blog?

Anonymous said...

password doesn't seem to be working

AtticRock said...

I'm sorry, i'll try to fix it this weekend.

Anonymous said...

All systems go!
Thanks for fixing the links!!!

Thanks for a great post!

Do you perhaps have the armored saint show from Detroit?
(FM broadcast)


Klaas Durk said...

Hello again,

I requested long time ago Savatage and you got it for me, thanx

I have yet another request:
Do you have anything from.....
TSO (Trans Siberian Orchestra)

They are always around Christmas on tour (Only in the US, and I live in Holland

So I sincerely hop you can help me


Titus said...

Hi K.D.
Please use the most recent comment sections or your comments may be missed. There are TSO shows around but I'll have to check the quality. But first a question - what is the difference between TSO(west) & TSO(east)? and do you have any preference?

AtticRock said...

Titus, the comments section can't be used directly, it only reflects any comment made recently, regardless of the post where it has been made.
It's a great way to know if there are comments in old posts like this from Klaas.

Titus said...

You misunderstand me Atticrock. I meant use the comment section on the latest post. (Faith No More as I type)BTW - I've been checking out TSO & could not stop laughing. This is corny stuff!

Klaas Durk said...

I dont know exactly what corny stuff means. but I guess you don't like it

the West and East is about the members (ex-Savatage) playing in the band, for instance Chris Caffery (West) and Johnny Lee Middleton (East)

I don't mind East or West either one of them would be perfect

and in the future I'll use the most recent post for comment


gypsymuse said...


when they split in 2001 Chris was East and Johnny was West!
East got Johnny in last year!!!
YES!! I'd been dying to see him1

I've followed TSO since 01
the 2000 shows in Cleveland sold out in 3 days and I found out about it at the end of the week!

2000 was the last combined tour DAMN! not was I should have missed@!

for as much as I'm enjoying your blog! YOUR NUTS!!!!!!!
you need to see them they do one hell of a stunning concert/show
lights/lasers/smoke/FIRE!/ drop platform stages/ scissor jack platform stages.....you never know what where when or how they will be performing stuff!!

Shows are just MINDBLOWING!!

and they are finally doing BEETHOVANS LAST NIGHT@@@@@ 9 years of waiting I finally get my tour!
ya doing the 2 cleveland and 1 akron show cant afford to do Cinci and Columbus

Happy dance happy happy dance! got really great seats!!!! the seat that sucks is row 2 stage right inside isle! everyone thinks I'm nuts but I got in WIRED! people just don't understand that this is NOT where you want to be with a Recorder!!!

enough of me ranting on

for boot Gods yes LOTS exists!!

first got over and joing the D Group

look for 6Stringer ~ GDambek and HarleyGuy/jimbo
they are the 2 gentlemen that get in the boots and master them up and get the trees started!

I think Jimbos site is the Metal assylum....let me check I'm still handicapped as I still don't have my bookmarks/shortcuts back and that is from may I think my buddy is stupposted to finally mailed them to me!

and if you don't see either of them I see Kenny Diaz has been on quite a bit he's got a bunch of shows in mp3 and he's a very nice helpful fellow to!

humm.....now how do i give you a email without putting it up here!??? cause I'd tell you to email me and I could sent it to you not like I"ve not sent way to many cds to europe before! ;-)

hope it helps
hope you see

and Attic Rock thanks for the Savatage show!

Oh Ya in Guitars 101 they have some savatage and tso stuff!



wish the fellow would tell WHAT YEAR!


Hope this helps!
and I came in via the 98 nugent Hollywood HOB YIPPIE! Fred Bear live!! THANKZ!

I's a happy lil gypsy!

JR said...

Thank you very much for this Savatage show, it's wonderful !

George said...

just wanted to say thanks! One of my favorite bands, and the boot sounds great. Still wishing they'd just come back and release something new every so often. The bootlegs help fill that gap, so please - if you have more - please post them. You'd be performing a public service for Savatage fans like myself! :)

Kris said...

Would it be possible to reupload this? It's unavailable from both sources sadly :(