July 13, 2007

Joan Jett: Tokyo 1982

For those who love Rock'n'Roll here's Joan Jett at the NHK Hall in Tokyo.
A show recorded from a FM broadcast that is also known as Black Leather in the trading circles.
A refreshing sound for these hot days :)

Sound Quality: 9

Track List:
01 Bad Reputation
02 Runaway
03 Wooly Bully
04 Bits & Pieces
05 You Don’t Know What You’ve Got
06 Love Is Pain
07 I Love Playin’ With Fire
08 Wait For Me
09 Victim Of Circumstances
10 Oh Woe Is Me
11 You’re Too Possessive
12 I Love Rock’N’Roll
13 Nag
14 Black Leather
15 Do You Wanna Touch Me
16 Star Star
17 Shout
18 Rebel Rebel



Anonymous said...

A great fun set from the Blackhearts in their heyday. Unfortunately its no Cheat Trick at Budokhan - Joan struggles to reach the right key in several songs and the mix is way bass heavy to start but gradually comes right. On the plus side all the hits are present and the group plays with great enthusiasum! Like I said - Good Fun.

AtticRock said...

Nice review, thank you.

gooolias said...

muito obrigado!

Anonymous said...

I grabbed the bottom line gig the other day and went for this but it is also the bottom line gig. I realize this is like 5 years old but I'd still like to have it

AtticRock said...

It's fixed now.

Anonymous said...

Could you RE-Upload show, "Joan Jett: Tokyo 1982" ..please?

Link says: "Seite nicht gefunden" & "Error: 404."

Thank you for an AWESOME blog! :~}

Anonymous said...

Where was I in July 2007 to miss this concert ? I guess I was somewhere on holidays without an internet connection, as that happened in those days... Strange times were these. No internet. How did we survive :) ?

Thank you for this repost !

Derek from Paris,