February 22, 2007

REO Speedwagon: 29th September, 1981

REO Speedwagon playing live at the famous Budokan in Tokyo, Japan, a rock'n'roll party guaranteed.
Titled as "Keep On Loving You" this was recorded from a FM broadcast and features all the hits that came with the mega success LP "Hi Infidelity", plus some REO classics.

Sound Quality: 9


01 Keep Pushin'.
02 Only The Strong Survive.
03 Tough Guys.
04 In Your Letter.
05 Time For Me To Fly.
06 Keep On Loving You.
07 157 Riverside Avenue.
08 Take It On The Run.
09 Roll With The Changes.
10 Flying Turkey Trot _ Guitar Solo.
11 Say You Love Me Or Say Goodnight.
12 Back On The Road Again.
13 Ridin' The Storm Out.
14 Shake It Loose.



Anonymous said...

Hi there! This REO bootleg is increadible! Many thanks for it! Do you have artwork available, too or only this small picture?

Cheers and many thanks again!


Marc said...

Thanks for sharing this. I always wanted to hear a concert from that era.

Marc Georges from Belgium

AtticRock said...

Hi guys!
This is really a great recording, to me much better than the studio albums :)
Just uploaded the covers i have for it.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the Covers and sure for the phantastic BLOG!

Cheers from Germany!


AtticRock said...

Glad i could help Martin :)

PUSWART said...

Thanks a ton for this. I've always had a love for this era of REO. CHEERS!

AtticRock said...

Hi PUSWART, thank you for your comment.

Anonymous said...

thank you for this concert post, love REO's music and the quality of the performance is excellent


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this fine Gig... AWB

AtticRock said...

No problem, a 1979 REO show will follow soon.

grassmonkey said...

Many Thanks, pass does not work for me on part 2

BTLFAN said...

saw these guys in 77 w/t.nugent skynyrd and foreigner and again in
82.great show both times!!the sound quality on this is Great.

Anonymous said...

BTLFAN, if that was at Anaheim Stadium, I was there too! All the acts and their collective axe-men played great, but Gary was the best of the lot!!!